• SICE – Internationalisation of SMEs

SICE – Internationalisation of SMEs

SICE – Internationalisation of SMEs – Individual Operations

Support is available for operations aimed at internationalising SME business models that aim to adopt more advanced business strategies and increase their capacity for integration into global value chains, through actions in the following areas:

a) Knowledge, prospecting and presence in foreign markets;

b) International marketing;

c) Online presence and e-commerce;

d) Creation and international promotion of brands;

e) Organisational innovation related to commercial practices or external relations;

f) Quality and specific certification for foreign markets.

The maximum support rate is 40% as a non-refundable subsidy.

The eligible investment amount must be over 200,000 euros.

Companies must demonstrate an international turnover of over 200,000 euros in the pre-project year.

The application period runs until 12/30/2024

Contact us for more information: (+351) 217 ​​121 050 | geral@financertus.pt