• Productive Innovation Incentive System | Portugal 2030

Productive Innovation Incentive System | Portugal 2030

Portugal 2030

Application notices for Productive Innovation for Mainland Portugal are open until December 15, 2023, with SMEs as beneficiary entities.

Operations of an innovative nature, related to the following types of action, are susceptible to support:

1. The creation of a new establishment;

2. Increasing the capacity of an existing establishment;

3. The diversification of an establishment's production into products not previously produced in the establishment;

4. Fundamental alteration of the overall production process of an existing establishment.

Projects must have a minimum eligible investment of 250,000 euros and a maximum of less than 25 million euros.

Eligible investment covers tangible assets (machinery and equipment) and intangible assets (such as software and patents) and other investment expenses (engineering and architectural services, marketing plans).

In the case of investments in the tourism sector, expenses with civil construction may be eligible, subject to limitations depending on the region where the project is implemented, as well as, in duly justified cases, the acquisition of rolling stock as long as they are not powered by fossil fuels.

The maximum funding rate in the form of a grant can go up to a maximum of 40%, depending on the location of the investment and the size of the company. For the Alentejo Litoral, the rate can go up to a maximum of 50%.

The intensity of the aid is subject to the evaluation of the results generated by the project, at the time of completion of the investment and in the cruise year (in the case of the tourism sector, up to the third full year after the end of the investment), and this may be reduced if not the financial, economic and climate transition objectives set out in the application are achieved.

The minimum equity to be allocated to the eligible investment is, as a general rule, 20%.

Investment projects in the area of tourism, in the case of interventions subject to licensing, namely those involving construction/adaptation works, the architectural project must be previously approved by the competent authorities.

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