• Algarve Water Efficiency + Support Line

Algarve Water Efficiency + Support Line

The Algarve water efficiency + support line is aimed at SMEs for tourism projects located in NUT II Algarve, aiming to improve efficiency in water consumption.

The support aims to share the expenses necessary to implement the measures associated with the “Save Water” seal.


The project financing rate is 50%, with a limit of €50,000, non-refundable.


The minimum eligible investment is €10,000


Eligible Expenses:

a) Acquisition of efficient water use devices and equipment;

b) Monitoring and intelligent control of water consumption;

c) Reduction of water losses;

d) Audit/consultancy to implement improvement measures;

e) Optimization of irrigation systems;

f) Infrastructure and equipment for reusing rainwater and/or greywater.

g) Monitoring and intelligent control of reuse systems.

h) Awareness signs.

i) Expenses for employee training, training or awareness raising, aimed at promoting the adoption of good practices in reducing water consumption.


Applications are open until December 31, 2025, or the funds are exhausted.

Contact us for more information: (+351) 217 121 050 | geral@financertus.pt